Check out these awesome NeoCities websites


Visit this website to play an HTML adventure game - the objective is not to win or get a high score but rather explore through the many locations found along the way.

Great personal website filled with video game reviews and very nice journal.

The first NeoCities website I visited. Wonderful Web 1.0 atmosphere, bunch of gifs, 88x31 banners and other materials available to use on your website. Author seems like a nice person and I warmly recommend this website.

This site has an amazing code, I LOVE the ARandomOS and ARandomDOS and hope that I will be able to code one day like that. :)


Awesome site with a amazing diary, anime, manga, books and video games reviews, and nice atmosphere!

This site makes me feel peaceful and it's so nice to look at. So simple and effective, and the colour wooden penciles style is perfect! There is some nice content here, and I love the shine for the Over the Garden Wall animated series, I'm inspired to watch it. Thank you Clouded!

CorBin is an interesting person who likes thrifting, cosplay, drawing, Starwars and sleeping. On his cool site you can find a lot of interesting content - mysterious blog (I would like to learn more about his goals organization), graphics, resources, articles, and he even created a Starwars trading game that I'm trying to figure out.


Well now, this is a website that sparks nostalgia in me! Disc-Content is all about PS1 and the games on it! I loved playing Rogue Trip: Vacation 2012 on the PlayStation of my neighbor since I didn't own one! Such fun times! I forgot the name of this game and this website reminded me about it. Thank you so much! :) :)

Cool looking site from a person who likes fungi, likes to feed pidgeons with corn and has a very nice artwork. I hope that the characters page will be finished because they look awesome!


Amazing website with lots of cool HTML and CSS templates. I used bunch of templates for various pages on my website. Thank you Eggramen!

I just love the peaceful ambience of this website and going back often just to take a breath.


Author of this interesting website made a 88x31 button maker that I use to create my own buttons. There are more interesting stuff like authors journal, html guides, gifs, and other cool coding stuff.


Funny, cool and interesting! This website is one of the first I discovered on Neocities and it always charms me with awesome content.

Webmaster of this website has a very honest way of writing - so honest. There is a lot of content in here about music, books, two different blogs, various links and shrines.

Awesome website with cool vibe and bunch of content and sources, I found the bookshelf HTML and CSS code for my Nintendo Switch collection page.

Loving the blue color of this site and I really enjoyed reading about the webmaster and the blog. I already feel inspired about exploring more of this site and there is so much more that will come - artwork, forum, technology. While writing this I just discovered there is a Disco Elysium review! Can't wait to read it!


It seems that Oskar is a horror fan and I'm hoping to learn from him some good horror titles.


Nice website filled with reviews of books, mangas, animes and movies! If you don't know what to read or watch, visit this site and get inspired.

Simple and comfy website on which the webmaster puts his thoughts and random stuff. What I like is that webmaster said that it's one of his only places where he actually express himself.


Awesome website with bunch of book reviews and nice webmaster! If you don't know what to read, this site is perfect for you - visit it and get inspired to read!

Neon, webmaster of RetroKid website is a person with who I share a lot of common interests - we both like Home Alone movies, we are Tarot readers, and we dislike TikTok. I really like the unique look of each page on the site and looking forward for the more content on his site, especially his shrines. Thank you Neon for the amazing Tarot reading :)


This website is AWESOME! Sadness, author of this site, is addicted on making layouts and really loves internet, but she thinks that it evolved into a corporate hellscape and she is trying to change it by writing great articles, making great tools and sharing various links and resources that you can use. She also writes about mental health. Plus, in the earlier texts she said that she found love on NeoCities and that's very nice. :)

Peaceful and beautiful website with a looot of wonderful content - photography, journal, traveling and other shrines. It inspired me to work on one forgotten photography project. Thank you Saint-Images!

I fell in love in this website on the first sight! It has such a cozy atmosphere and it makes me very calm. The Library is amazing - wonderful code and good books! Everything on this site is just perfect! :)

This website is so JUICY. Magnificent design, celebrating the look of Windows XP, Windows 2000 and the internet of 2000s in general is just breathtaking. But the real shining of this jewel are the pages about the site and about the webmaster Sweethard666. Her life story is really inspiring and it was a pleasure to read about somebody who is so extrovert, creative and full of life. Do yourself a favor and visit this magnificent website. :)


Wow, this website is so nice to look at and so inspiring. That Pupi is an artist and graphic designer and on her site you can find amazing content – her photography, digital art and various collections of electronics and cassette tapes. So cool! And her fursona Pupi is so cute – and there is some furry art with her girlfriend and some friends, can’t wait to discover future updates, she mentioned that she will maybe even create stories with them. That would be awesome!

A toasty dude brightening your day with a happy vibe that we all need. Awesome site with great colors, fun artwork, cool story and useful links.

Tonic seems like a very nice young man who is interested in preservation of knowledge and history of technology. His website is very honest and his "Links" page provides a lot of great resources about internet archeology, various open source tools and links to some amazing websites.


Wonderful nostalgic hub for weird media from the 80s, 90s and early 2000s. The webmaster has a ton of content - blog, old journal, videos, movie and a lot of original and awesome music called vaporware.


I absolutely LOVE the simple atmosphere of this website even if it's still in heavy construction. The webmaster likes Boards of Canada and thats awesome! Can't wait to discover more as this website evolves.