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Adventures with hardware and software.

ILC - Speedy - Hector the Computor - Dinosaur


I remember the time when we went to buy our first computer. I was a kid, and last in the neighborhood to get a computer. :( Everybody had one and I wanted it so badly. We went to the shop - King Computers - and I remember seeing all the screens playing some kind of animation movie... Was it Antz? I was so excited! We bought a computer that I used for years. Let's call it "KING". I don't remember the specifications. My father or mom called a man from the village who installed Windows (98 or Millenium, I don't remember). He named the hard disc "Blood". My mom thought it was creepy but he said that the blood is life. He expained to me some things I can do with the computer but what I wanted was to play games. Heroes of Might and Magic 3 of course. Spent so much time playing that game. I also remember calling a friend to come to my house so we can play Half Life. I was too afraid to play it alone so he would come and he would do moving and shooting and I would be logistics (turning on the lamp, reloading weapons and other stuff. I had a blast!). I also remember playing Messiah although I didn't understand what to do. My English was not the best at that time. Other games I remember playing were Premier Manager 98, Battle Realms and Knights of Honor (that was after, in high school). The computer was in my room.

After some time we moved to computer to the living room. My father brought home some friend who installed the modem and connected us to the internet. I remember how he was explaining to my dad what is possible to do on internet. It was so slow and I didn't understand anything. "Why would I use internet?" - that was the question in my mind. As some time passed I started using blog and wrote couple of posts since that was popular at the time. That's what I used internet for I guess. I had a neighboor who was little older than me and who was computer genious. He was downloading torrents, Napster and all the other internet things, but I didn't have a clue about these stuff. What I loved doing was borrowing DVDs and cracking and burning movies on empty DVDs. I watched School of Rock thousand times and I cracked some cartoons for my sister. I used computer for listening music and watching music videos from CDs or DVDs my friends gave to me.

In high school, I started using my computer for recording music. That's a funny story. When I started playing guitar, I wanted to record something but didn't know how. I installed Cool Edit, software for recording music and started playing guitar and singing to the speakers... Of course nothing was recorded. :D I didn't have anybody to ask for advice on how to input a sound to computer and it was a huge mystery for me. I don't remember how did I figure out to buy some cheap table microphone and I started recording various stuff. Always on Cool Edit, until this day. Great software. At that time the computer was in my new room upstairs. I also used software like RPG Maker 2000 to make my games and play others. I also used emulators to play Game Boy and SNES games. What great times - playing Pokemon Yellow and listening to the Marilyn Manson's live album "The Last Tour on Earth". Also loved playing Harvest Moon on SNES emulator. My sisters loved playing that game also. :)


Then I started college and I used my computer to write college papers and continued to record music. At that time this computer was old, broke couple of times and very big and heavy. After one or two years of college, my father offered to buy a laptop for me. I had a friend in college who was good with computers and he found some nice configuration for good price. It was HP and it was awesome! Let's call it "Reaper" - that was the name my friend gave to laptop. Now I was able to travel to college, connect to super quick internet on the college and play new games like Skyrim, Mafia 2, Crusader Kings 2 and Mount and Blade in my free time. I used this laptop for a long time and we passed a lot together. I wrote all of my univeristy theses, traveled with it, watched movies, Skyped, experimented with Linux, so many nice memories. Couple of years ago it started turning off for no reason. After trying to find solution about what is the problem for a long time, my girlfriend suggested that I should buy a new laptop.


I bought ACER that I use for coding this website. We can call it "Speedy". It's the first computer I bought with my money and I love it so much. First, it's super quick. I play some nice videogames on it, mostly playing my old favorites like Mount and Blade and Morrowind, but also discovering Kenshi. I watch movies, surf, use it to write various stuff in Libre Office, make traveling videos and generaly it's my multimedia machine. Only thing that doesn't work well is recording, there is a terrible latency. I will try to find solution for this, there should be, but I just don't have enough knowledge and I didn't invest enough time to find solution to make it work on this laptop.

Hector the Computor

I did find a different solution. At work we got a lot of new computers and I had a perimission to take home one old Dell office computer that was being discarted. I always wanted to open the computer, see how it looks like and experiment. I brough it home, turned it on and started tweaking. My girlfriend named it Hector the Computor and it's a nice machine. I deleted all unnecessary software, and now using it as a recording station, station to use PhotoShop to make zines and playing some old games. I did some operations on it, installing extra RAMs. I felt like a little boy again and really enjoying working on all the projects and making Hector the Computor such a personal computer. To find more about the specifications and all the adventures with Hector the Computor, go to his own webpage.


Another machine is Dinosaur, old Samsung laptop from my girlfriend that she doesn't use anymore. I'm experimenting with Linux on it. Currently running Linux Mint 21 and planning to use it as a CD burner station. I will write about the specifications and all the adventures with Dinosaur on it's own webpage.

I hope you will enjoy "I Like Computer" webpages. Feel free to write and share your adventures or advices with me. Computers are awesome. :)