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Hector the Computor

Manufacturer: Dell

Full name: Dell Optiplex 3020

CPU: Intel(R) Pentium(R) CPU @ 3GHz

RAM: 8,00 Gb

OS: Windows 7 Professional x64

Graphic: Intel HD Graphics (Dell)

Storage: 465GB Seagate ATA Device (SATA)

Software installed:

  • Cool Edit Pro 2.1 - magnificent old software for audio editing

  • Audobe InDesign CC2019 - publishing and page layout designing software - used for working on fanzine

  • RPG Maker 2000 - software for creating your own RPGs and to play games made by other people

  • Hector the Computor is a magnificent desktop PC that I saved from my work after we got new computers. I took it so I can experiment with hardware and software. And I love it from the first moment. First thing I did was deleting all the software previously installed and trying to speed it up as much as possible. I did it by following various online videos and turning off all the fancy Windows settings. Then I did my first PC operation. Originally, Hector the Computor had 4Gb RAM but I installed 4Gb RAM extra. It was super easy, you just have to place the RAM card in. This was super fun and I really connected with Hector during that procedure. Then I started installing various software I wanted to use on this PC. First, Audobe InDesign so my wife can use it to help me design the fanzines. Then I installed Cool Edit Pro audio software so I can record music. And it works perfectly! My laptop Speedy has some problem with audio recording, there is a terrible latency so it's hard to do recordings. On Hector, no latency at all and I really enjoy doing music. In 2022 I finished recording an album called "Still Fresh and Tasty" and you can listen it HERE. I also have couple of video games installed on it and RPG Maker 2000, but currently I don't have time to play any games.