Harvest 2023

Green Beans 1791
Green Zucchinis 4206
Yellow Zucchinis 1317
Cherry Tomatoes 339
Tomatoes 550

16th August 2023

We went to the garden to water down the plants since it's not raining for the couple of days. We had a busy holiday weekend so we were excited how the plants look. We had nice time, picking up two green and one yellow zucchini, four tomatoes, and 200 grams of cherry tomatoes. We also picked up some mint for water, and verveine, for the infusion. In the garden there is a plum tree so we picked up some plums for dessert.

Mini Bibou always wants attention so we had time only to water the plants, cut the mint colony. Weeds are growing, but by now we just accept it. There is no time to weed it with the demands of Mini Bibou. Let the nature take it's course. :)

6th August 2023

We were on vacations for two weeks and we asked our fellow gardeners to water our garden if they have time. We came back and we were happy to hear that there was a lot of rain while we were gone, and happy to see that the plants are good. There was a lot of weeds though. I operated in tomatoes, where there were some high weed plants. They were easy to pull though :)

There was a lot of green tomatoes, and some red ones. The plants grew a lot, so since we didn't come for two weeks, they were so big so a lot of them are lying. We need to fix them up on the sticks. It's a project for the next gardening session.

Sunflowers look nice. They are not the biggest or the most beautiful in the garden, but they are ours, and we are proud. One sunflower was looking at me while weeding. :D

12th July 2023

I came to the garden after almost one week of not visiting. I didn't come earlier since it was raining couple of times and I focused on some other projects in the house. When I visited, I was happy to see that a lot of things have grown and there were a lot of vegetables to be harvested. There was one massive green zucchini! When I say massive, I mean 2.6 kg! It was beautiful!

There were more zucchinis to pick up, 2 yellow and 2 green. I gave one green zucchini that probably had 1 kg to the neighbor gardener.

And there are more green beans to pick up! They were big, fat and juicy :) There was 250 grams of them and they are perfect food for Mini Bibou :)

24th June 2023

Garden is growing good - plants look good, there are things to harvest already. Like always, weeds are growing also.... But that's an old story.

We picked up one yellow and one green zucchinis. I'm so happy!

One round zucchini started growing! That's cool!

Grean beans were a surprise! I didn't know they grow so quick. We harvested a handful of 170 grams! It was a nice tasty meal for Mini Bibou :)

Aaaand, our first sunflower ever just bloomed. Its not very big or tall, but it's OK, it's ours ! :)

11th June 2023

We had a good week in the garden, and investing a lot of energy! Results are visible! Zucchinis started growing! Hell yeah, one step closer to becoming a zucchini king :)

I cleaned a small patch of land and Bibou Chat planted the rest of tomato plants and marigold flowers! I took some mulch and put it around the tomatoes, sunflowers, and couple of zucchinis. It's supposed to protect the land from the direct sun and keep the land wet for longer time, and this helps plants grow better.

Nasturtiums are blooming and are giving a nice orange color to the garden, together with marigold flowers. :)

Bibou Chat created a nice colorful decoration object with ribbons and hanged it next to the green beans (that are growing nice and healthy), to scare the birds away from eating our veggies. It brings even more color to the garden, and we need it.

31th May 2023

Always more digging! Today I went to garden twice! First time in the morning, quick 45 minute clearing session in the small patch where we planned to plant pumpkin plants in the afternoon. It felt good working in the morning, when it was not too hot. When we came back in the afternoon, we planted two pumpkin plants.

In the afternoon Bibou Chat was weeding the green beans and patatoes patches. I was clearing the patch to plant more tomatoes, marigold flowers, and two more sunflowers. It was super hot and I took my shirt off. At the evening I discovered that I burned a little ^^. Anyway, bibou chat planted all the plants + some extra salads, in the patch with the green beans.

We watered everything with a looooooooot of water. Grow our babies, grow! :)

At the end we picked up some mint with the roots to give to the nanny. She will be happy !

29th May 2023

Allright! Time to do more digging, and PLANTING! We went to the market and bought some tomato plants from a farmer, since not a lot of our seeded tomatoe plants grew. We also bought marigold flowers because it's protecting the tomato plants from the bugs. And some pumpkin plants. And salads... ^^ I started digging the plot that was just recently overgrown with weeds. I liberated a nice patch and Bibou Chat planted tomatoes and flowers! Boy it looks great! :)

24th May 2023

We were on two week vacations and were looking forward to coming back to the garden. Luckily, our garden neighbors were watering the plants so we didn't worry that anything died, and we were excited to see the growth. We came to the garden and... Wow, weeds grew so much! More than we expected! one quarter was completely covered with high grass and weeds, almost to my shouders. We started pulling, cutting and cleaning the part.

As I was working on the overgrown part, Bibou Chat planted green zucchini plant and a pumpkin plant.
After couple of hours pulling, cutting and turning the ground, we planted two plants of sunflowers, and two plants of tomatoes! I'm super excited about them! :)

3rd May 2023

We built the construction for the green beans, our first one ever! It was not so hard, Bibou Chat made research, and other gardeners were giving us support. Bibou chat used the ropes on which the green beans plants can climb. We planted 3 plants that we grew at home, and it's warm enough to plant the seeds directly into the ground. It looks awesome and we are very excited! :) We also planted our first zucchini!!! I'm so excited!

28th April 2023

Last year we bought most of our plants for the garden on the local market from a farmer. This was great, but when we did some math, we realized that we spent a lot of money. So this year we bought seeds to grow our plants from home, and then to replant them into the garden. In that way we can spare some money. Everything is going good, some sunflowers, we planted two batches and they both failed. Tomatoes are growing slow, but good.

Everything is big enough so Bibou Chat replanted everything into bigger boxes. And now we can keep them outside, they are big enough to survive.

24th April 2023

Today we were digging a big patch of land so we can plant potatoes. There was a lot of work - first weeding, and then digging. I dig three rows and Mini Bibou planted potatoes. It was her first time and she had a lot of fun! I was very proud of her. Can't wait to eat homemade frites ! :)

16th April 2023

Our strawberry patch was completely overgrown with weeds. The plastic protection didn't really help a lot. So I had a lot of work in front of me. Luckily, the strawberries survived (except one), and I had to be careful not to destroy them during weeding. I started part by part. I had to remove the plastic protection, and it seems that it was not the best quality since it was getting broken into a small pieces. I was removing the grass and weeds and slowly we could see only the strawberries.

After couple of hours of cleaning, everything was done and clean! Yeah, it felt good! It was a small patch, but a lot of work! Now, one quarter of the garden is clean! :)

Our tulips patch is absolutely beautiful! A lot of them are blooming in various colours and Bibou Chat is extremely happy. :)

3rd April 2023

First vegetable planting session in 2023! We were planting salads and we were super excited! First we had to clean up the patch where we wanted to plant. One part was turned before so there wasn't a lot of weeds. But there was a part that I had to turn and remove the grass, and then various roots. Digging went good. Bibou chat started planting salads, and Mini Bibou helped. She was holding the tool and helping Bibou Chat making holes for the salads. I was super happy seeing her interest in gardening :)

We planted six salads and after watering we put used coffee around them to feed the ground.

29th March 2023

Tulips are growing beautifully! The first flower is blooming! White color, like peace :)

19th March 2023

Bibou Chat's tulips are out ! We are so happy! Can't wait to see how they look when they bloom ! :)

1st March 2023

It was a beautiful sunny day so right after I finished work we packed our tools and went to the garden. There I had to clean a nice plot of land that was covered with grass and weeds. In this part we will plant onions, garlic etc.

I started digging wearing a jacket, but I got hot and removed it. As I was digging, Bibou Chat was removing weeds from the parts that we cleaned before and covered with the compost. We talked about our emotions, and I talked about the artistic projects.

It feels so good to be outside, without walls around you. It makes me feel open, breathing, like I step back. It’s because everything seems slower, and more rewarding. I made a plan about how to record the last three songs for the album. Can’t wait!

29th January 2023

I was offered a free vermicomposter and worm colony from the colleague at the work. She got a vermicomposter first and realized it's too big for her apartment. I accepted her offer, and couple of days ago the worm colony finally arrived. I'm super excited about it! We can feed the worms with vegetable food waste and they will create compost and worm tea, super fertile and useful for the garden.

Today we installed the vermicomposter, and put the worms inside. For their first dinner we gave them leftovers of an apple, and some old carrots. On the tomorrows menu is a banana peel :D

Since it's cold, we will keep the vermicomposter on the balcony during the day and in the kitchen during the night. I hope worms will be ok. We will move them to the garden in the spring.

11th January 2023

New year is here and we are thinking about garden planning for this year. I know one think, I want to plant more zucchinis. Bibou Char made a new plan for the garden, and I think it looks good.

Strawberries will stay on the same place and next to them we will put onions and garlic. Under the strawberies there wil lbe a row of salads, and then massive patch of tomatoes. :)

In the middle of the garden there will be a line of tulips and flowers. On the other side, there will be a wide squash field with pumpkins and zucchinis. Above them will be a small field of potatoes and then on the border there will be a wall of green beans.

That's the plan, at least. We will see what will the year bring.