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Manufacturer: Samsung

Full name: Samsung RV515

CPU: AMD E-350 1.60 GHz

RAM: 2,00 Gb

OS: Linux Mint 21



Software installed:

  • Brasero - CD burning software

  • Software to install:

  • Audacity - software for audio recording and editing - to test with the music card

  • It has been a long time since Bibou Chat gave me her old Samsung laptop that she is not using anymore. We call it Dinosaur because it's old and slow. I cleared all the data from it and for a long time it was quietly waiting in the closet to be used again to test installing Linux system. And finally! In the middle of September 2022 I installed the new Linux Mint 21. Installation went well but then I had a problem, after restarting the PC, Linux didn't boot up, there was a black screen and message to insert the correct boot device or something like that. I didn't know what to do so I let it rest. Then in early October 2022 I had some extra time and I messed with BIOS and managed to find the back door to enter into the installed OS. I updated the system, created a test Word file, saved and restarted. After enetering again, the file was still there. It works! Now I always need to click F2 when I turn on Dinosaur to enter into Linux Mint. This makes me feel like a hacker and I was happy that I managed to find the solution, even if it's not perfect solution. The OS is pretty slow, but that's OK and to be expected, it's the new version of Linux Mint, and Dinosaur is old.

    Dinosaur is currently the only PC that has a working CD player. I'm not sure can I run DVDs on it. I would like to use it as a CD burner station for my music, as a retrogaming machine and maybe as a portable music recording station, depending does the music card works on Linux or not.

    October 2022

    I did some testings and software instalations and here are the results. I installed Brasero and burned couple of CDs with the album Daddy Style. Software worked good and the burned CDs are working perfectly! I gave couple of CDs to my friends and this makes me happy. Dinosaur can be my CD burning station! :) Next, I installed Snes9x emulator for retro gaming. Unfortunately, it was not the best experience, the games woud pause every couple of seconds and then continue. I tried to install some other emulator but the result was the same, the games were slow and the quality of gaming was not good. I will need to say goodbye to the idea that Dinusaur is my retrogaming machine :(

    So the next steps Dinosaur are:

  • check does DVD playing works

  • install Audacity and test recording with my audio equipment