Book catalogue organized by Dewey Decimal System


Title: The Library Book

Author: Susan Orlean

ISBN: 9781476740195

DDC: 027.479494

Place, publisher, year: New York : Simon & Schuster, 2018

Physical description: 317 pages : illustrations ; 25 cm

Subjects: Los Angeles Public Library. Central Library -- Fire, 1986., Los Angeles Public Library. Central Library -- History., Public libraries -- California -- Los Angeles -- History.

Review: This is an amazing book about a fire in the Los Angeles public library in 1986. The book is a mixture of journalism, history, autobiography, librarianship and police show. With this book I discovered how much I love to read about librarianship. I enjoyed reading about all the cool librarians, events and history of this library. Also, this book was so human, hearing all the stories of people made me feel connected, happy and excited.


Title: The Book of Runes

Author: Ralph H. Blum


DDC: 133.33

Place, publisher, year: New York : St. Martin's Press, 1993

Physical description: 159 pages ; 18 cm

Subjects: Runes, Oracles, Occultism, Civilization, Viking

Review: This little book is a perfect introduction into runes! The author has a very simple and inspiring way of writing about runes and their usage. I don't own runes yet, but I'm planning to get one so I can use this handbook for divination.

Title: The Artist's Way: a Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity

Author: Julia Cameron

ISBN: 9780143129257

DDC: 153.35

Place, publisher, year: New York : Tarcher Perigee Book, 2016

Physical description: 245 pages ; 23 cm

Subjects: Self-actualization (Psychology), Creative ability, Creation (Literary, artistic, etc.)

Review: If I have to choose a book that expanded my world as an artist, I would choose this book. It talks about how we all have a censor in our head and if gives exercises how to silence this censor. Because of this book, I started writing and I realised that being an artist is not about perfect art, it's about DOING art. Life changing book!


Title: The Buddha in Your Mirror: Practical Buddhism and the Search for Self

Author: Woody Hochswender, Greg Martin, Ted Morino

ISBN: 9780967469782

DDC: 294.3444

Place, publisher, year: Santa Monica : Middleway Press, 2001

Physical description: 228 pages ; 23 cm

Subjects: Nichiren, 1222-1282, Soka Gakkai Buddhists

Review: This book talks about Buddhist practice based on the centuries-old teachings of the Japanese religious reformer Nichiren. The biggest lesson I learned - you cannot change the others, but you can change yourself. So deep!


Title: An American (Homeless) in Paris

Author: Chris Ames

ISBN: 9781607815976

DDC: 305.5692

Place, publisher, year: Salt Lake City : The University of Utah Press, 2017

Physical description: xi, 244 pages ; 22 cm

Subjects: Homeless persons -- Biography., Ames, Chris, 1960- -- Travel.

Review: Amazing, amazing book from a friend who I met in the library. This book is probably not your typical American in Paris book. Why? This is a book about a life of a man who was in one moment of his life living in Paris, in a tent, homeless. This book reminded me to respect things that I have, to live in the moment and to always be respectful of everyone.

Title: Povijest i običaji autohtonih hrvatskih Roma - Lovara

Author: Goran Đurđević

ISBN: 9789535545200

DDC: 305.891

Place, publisher, year: Bjelovar : Centar savjetovanja, edukacije i kulture Roma, 2009

Physical description: 187 pages ; 20 cm

Subjects: Romanies--Ethnic identity, Romanies--Social life and customs

Review: This book helped me so much when I was writing a thesis for Cultural Anthropology MA. I met the author and his wife and they helped me with the research. It opened so many doors for me! The book talk about Lovari, group of Romani people in Croatia, their beliefs and their way of life.


Title: Gardening for the Zombie Apocalypse : How to Grow Your Own Food When Civiliation Collapses - or Even if it Doesn't

Authors: Isabel Lloyd & Phil Clarke

ISBN: 9781789542387

DDC: 635

Place, publisher, year: London : Head of Zeus, 2019

Physical description: 223 pages :illustrations ; 20 cm

Subjects: Vegetable gardening, Gardening, Zombies, Survival

Review: This book was a present from a friend, since she knows I love zombie movies and gardening. It's the first gardening book I have read and it's super fun! It can be overwhelming at the times and it really made me realize how far away I am in the food production chain and how dependent I am on the shops for the food...


Title: Užici prokletih : Definitivni izbor poezije Charlesa Bukowskog!

Author: Charles Bukowski

ISBN: 9789533193403

DDC: 811.54

Place, publisher, year: Zagreb : Profil, 2011

Physical description: 531 pages ; 20 cm

Subjects: American poetry

Review: Bukowski is my favorite American poet and this book of his selected poems was offered to me by my friends in 2014. Awesome poetry ranging from nice to dirty, about life, women, alcohol and people. Full of wisdom. Not always nice, but honest! That's what's I love :)

Title: Commendable Delusions: Tales of Meaning and Imagination

Author: A. T. French

ISBN: 9781737950028

DDC: 813.6

Place, publisher, year: Osawatomie, KS : A. T. French, 2022

Physical description: 287 pages ; 20 cm

Subjects: Time travel -- Fiction, Storytellers -- Fiction

Review: Every story in this short story collection is magnificent! Each time I got surprised how original ideas are, and pure, full of humanity. I know the author from the library where I work and after reading this book I feel much closer to him. I particulary loved the story about the "plumber" and the scene where he sees himself in the mirror. Just epic!

Title: Flowers For Algernon

Author: Daniel Keyes

ISBN: 9781857989380

DDC: 813.54

Place, publisher, year: London : Gollancz, 2002

Physical description: 216 pages ; 20 cm

Subjects: People with mental disabilities, Gifted persons, Brain--Surgery, Interpersonal relations

Review: Wonderful and unique SF story about an innocent person with IQ 68 who doesn't see that everybody joke him. Then, experiment in the enhancement of human intelligence turns him into a genius. His whole world changes. He changes. But will the effect last forever or is it temporary? This story describes all the events and emotions happening in this unique scenario. This book is a winner of the Hugo award and the Nebula award... Must read

Title: Dracula

Author: Bram Stoker

ISBN: 9781853260865

DDC: 823.8

Place, publisher, year: Ware, Hertfordshire : Wordsworth Classics, 2000

Physical description: XIX, 327 pages ; 20 cm

Subjects: Vampires, Count Dracula (fictitious character), Romania--Transylvania, England--Whitby

Review: Everybody knows Dracula. There are stories, movies, tv series... about this character that I surprised myself couple of years ago that I'm an adult but never read this classic book. So when I picked it up one warm summer in Italy, I didn't expect that I would be blown away by this masterpiece. Magnificent scary atmosphere, wonderful dialouges, amazing story, beautiful writing, and deep explanation of old British society. This book inspired me to read more of the classic literature. Must read book!

Title: Ja

Author: Philip Waechter

ISBN: 9789531404396

DDC: 833.92

Place, publisher, year: Zagreb : Mozaik Knjiga, 2016

Physical description: unpaged ; 16 cm

Subjects: Bears, Children's stories, German, Self-esteem, Conduct of life

Review: I found this book on my sisters bookshelf and instantly fell in love. This book is wonderful and inspired me to carry on, showed me a way how to continue.

Title: Cyrano de Bergerac

Author: Edmond Rostand


DDC: 842.8

Place, publisher, year: Garden City, New York : The Fireside Theatre, 1972

Physical description: 250 pages ; 20 cm

Subjects: Cyrano de Bergerac, 1619-1655, Swordsmen, French drama

Review: First drama I had ever read and I fell in love with Cyrano. Our big nosed hero is good, kind, brave and inspiration to all men. :) Great book!

Title: Srebrne Svirale

Author: Dragutin Tadijanović


DDC: 891.83

Place, publisher, year: Zagreb : Školska knjiga, 1985

Physical description: 127 pages : illustrations ; 17 cm

Subjects: Croatian poetry

Review:My favorite Croatian poet... This book means so much for me. I found it in my grandmothers attic and took it. Tadijanović is the first poet that I really understand. What I love is his honesty, simplicity and emotions. Each time I read any of his poems I feel conforted and inspired.


Title: Travel as a Political Act

Author: Rick Steves

ISBN: 9781568584355

DDC: 910.202

Place, publisher, year: New York : Nation Books, 2009

Physical description: 209 pages : illustrations ; 21 cm

Subjects: Travel--Political aspects, Culture and globalization, Political and social views

Review: In this wonderful book Rick Steves talk about his travels in Denmark, Iran, Turkey and Marocco and other countries, and talking about how his travels influence his life and opinion on the world.

Title: Long Way Round : Chasing Shadows Across the World

Author: Ewan McGregor, Charley Boorman

ISBN: 9780751536805

DDC: 910.41

Place, publisher, year: London : Time Warner books, 2005

Physical description: 365 pages illustrations ; 20 cm

Subjects: Motorcycling, Voyages around the world, Voyages and travels, Motion picture actors and actresses

Review: I really love Ewan McGregor and I love traveling and reading traveling books. So when I discovered this book i was super happy. It talks about authors travel around the world on the motocycles. And they had an amazing adventures and misadventures. I just love reading about real people and their emotions. Looks like we are all more similar than we think.

Title: Blue-beard : a Contribution to History and Folk-lore

Author: Thomas Wilson


DDC: 944.1

Place, publisher, year: New York and London : G. P. Putnam's Sons, 1899

Physical description: 365 pages illustrations ; 20 cm

Subjects: Rais, Gilles de, -- 1404-1440., Bluebeard -- (Legendary character)

Review: I love French history and this was one of the first books history books I have read. And I loved it! I actually saw two real life castles that belonged to Gilles de Rais so it was even better to read this book and discover the amazing and gruesome story of this person.